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Projects in progress


- Swimming pool for single-family housing. Roche Alto Urbanization. Cartagena.

- 1 Detached Single-Family House and Pool. Perin. Cartagena.

- 5 Homes, Local and Garage. Avda. of Europe. lorca.

- 1 Single Family Home. Peral neighborhood. Cartagena.

- 6 Unified Homes Aisl., Garages and Pools. Avda. La Albufera. The mojon. Cartagena.

- 21 Unified Homes. Isolated, Garages and Pools. The mojon. Cartagena.

- 138 Homes, Basement Garage and Swimming Pools. PP Las Oliveras. The Union.

- 1 Detached Single-Family House, Parking and Pool. The mojon. Cartagena.

- 6 Single Family Homes, Garage and Storage rooms. C / Isla del Yeso. Flat Island. Cartagena.

- 4 Houses. San Anton. Cartagena.

- 25 Duplex and Basement Parking. PP Las Huertas. Alamo fountain.

- 7 Unified Homes Isolated, Garages and Pools. The Lemon Grove. The mojon. Cartagena.

- 20 Homes and Garage Basements. St. Lucia. Cartagena.

- 41 Homes, Basement de Aparcam. y Storage rooms. C / Lorenzo Rubio. Alhama de Murcia.

- 12 PO Homes, Basement Parking. and Storage rooms. C / Lorenzo Rubio. Alhama de Murcia.

- 9 Homes. C / San Enrique. The Alcazares.

- 23 Houses, Semisót. Parking and storage rooms. C / San Pedro. Alhama de Murcia.

- 96 Homes, Car Parks and Swimming Pools. Plot 21. Police-7. The mojon. Cartagena.

- 1 Single Family Home. roche. The Union.

- 1 Single Family Home, Local and Garages. C / Canary Islands. Alamo fountain.

- 1 Detached Single Family Home, Garage and Pool. Saint Gines. Cartagena.

- 1 Detached Single Family Home, Garage and Pool. The Lemon Grove. The mojon. Cartagena.

- 7 Single Family Homes, Garages and Swimming Pools. The mojon. Cartagena.

- 36 Homes, Parking and Swimming Pool. C / North. Flat Island. Cartagena.

- 5 Unified Homes y Semi-basement Garage. Bda. Hispanoamerica. Pains. Cartagena.

- 26 Apartments, Shops and 2 Garage Basements. C / October 13. The Alcazares.

- 1 Single Family Home on Local Exist. The Algar. Cartagena.

- 1 House, Commercial Premises and Basement. Garden City. Cartagena.

- 2 Attached Houses and Basement Garage. Narrow well. Cartagena.

- 1 Isolated Single-Family House. The Hill of Quarries. quarries. Cartagena.

- 1 House and Local. Bda. Hispanoamerica. Pains. Cartagena.

- 4 Single Family Homes. Urbanization La Hita. Pacheco Tower.

- 2 Single Family Homes. The grandsons. Cartagena.

- 1 Single Family Home. C/Los Marquises. The grandsons. Cartagena.

- 8 PO homes and garage. Plaza de la Merced. Cartagena.

- 1 Single Family Home. Honda beach. Cartagena.

- Building of 9 apartments. C / San Vicente de Santa Eulalia. Ibiza.

Public Residential:

- 1 Tourist Apartment. C / Sardinia Island. Flat Island. Cartagena.

- 4 Star Hotel. Urbanization La Charca. Totana.

- 2 Star Aparthotel. La Manga de San Javier.

- 4 Star Hotel. Flat Island. Cartagena.

- Residence 3rd. Age. Crystal Sea. Cartagena.


- Sports courts, changing rooms and stands. Polytechnic University of Cartagena.

Last projects:

- Building of 11 homes in Isla Plana.
- 1 chalet on Isla Plana.
- 1 chalet in Isla Plana.
- 2 chalets in Mazarrón Country Club.
- Rehabilitation of the Torre Miramar façade, La Manga.
- Building with 16 homes in Isla Plana.

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